Trifecta Cinder Block Cuff

Trifecta Cinder Block Cuff

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"Trifecta Cinder Block Cuff ©" is a unique bronze and brass bracelet.

The bronze cinderblock pattern is inspired by Las Vegas neighborhoods that I grew up in. Memories of beautiful breezeways and carports decorated with such charming symmetrical designs.

One can relate, since most cities; Palm Springs, Honolulu, Las Vegas have these midcentury cement block details.

These designs are made by myself, Mary Beth Heishman.

These were designed, made into a wax, after a plaster mold was made.  These pieces were individually casted with molten bronze. 

The bronze design was then hand soldered on a brass cuff.  Patina-ed, polished and finished all by hand.

Handmade in sunny Las Vegas, NV by Mary Beth Heishman

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