Garnet Hill Necklace 14K Gold
Garnet Hill Necklace 14K Gold

Garnet Hill Necklace 14K Gold

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Garnet Hill Necklace is a handmade gem for your neckline.

Garnet was found by Mary Beth in the hills of Ely, Nevada.

Garnet formed in volcanic areas and the rains wash these eroded faceted garnets in dry creek beds.

Garnet is naturally faceted.

Garnet is very dark and appears almost black.

I make the claw setting fro recycled 14K gold and solder pieces to loop and 14K gold chains.

After I set each garnet by hand, after the setting is polished.

Listing includes 1 garnet necklace.
Garnet is 5-6mm and is about 1 carat.

The fine details:
Garnet was found, gold is cut, soldered, polished, hammered and made with love.

Made in my studio in Las Vegas, NV.
Model is wearing 16 inches.

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